Follow articles by 'Diogenis' at and benefit from the realities suppressed for centuries 

Crime - Organised -Institutionalised - Corruption - Fraud - Protection Rackets, 
run and managed by judicial chair occupants, in a free-for-all state of abundance. Note the all-embracing guarantee, in place but in contempt of all law:-

"The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an action which must fail; as, for instance an action brought in respect of an act of State".
(And by extension any act of any public servant who is appointed, retained and maintained by other public servants for all of whom, the state, as employer, is ultimately responsible, including abusers of judicial chair occupancy and hence, the billions paid out as covered in the exclusive affidavit that visitors can link to directly* from here)

3rd March 2011 added link [*L] to the BBC-TV Dimbleby Lecture in 1973 as the Metropolitan

Police Commissioner, Sir Robert Mark prepared & presented to the sucker-serfs

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JOIN others On Line and publish your Statement of Facts (member's case at the European Court on Human Rights - paves the way) and the Evidence you have. Use your rights in law (link) and ACT, as / or with others, against the offenders. Join them and chip in for the creation of the mass of evidence against the abductors and rapists of Justice. You can then benefit from THE FACTS and evidence that you will help establish. It can all be used in any action, severally or jointly with others, as the case may be Crimes against humanity are not ruled out when a large number of citizens can come up with evidence and as victims concur and or expand upon on the FACTS STATED & The VIOLATIONS PLEADED as LODGED at the ECoHR, already.
Read the Statement of facts / Legal Argument by and for the Chairman of Live Beat Dads **. Do not fail to note the rights pleaded  (par. 5.a & 5.b) in the case of a relationship gone astray, merely because the other side felt the urge and need for a change of partner. Thereafter ONE & ALL decided to use the innocent children as the vehicle for use in and for the conversion of assets industries, a division of CIUKU Enterprises!
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We invite you to take part in DATA collection in the areas covered by The CAMILA Project. Your own contributions are and will be of value to all victims who are active now & to all others who, like you we hope, will be challenging the offenders by using the rights we point to, and you are   assured in law.
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Announcement- July 2002
1. Court Proceedings ARE PUBLIC RECORDS.
2. Beware of Mischief Makers operating as and or for the Divide & Rule Brigade.
Do not be misled by self- appointed 'gurus' such as we cover in the  explicit pages /2lipstalk.htm & /chaldep1.htm who aim to serve the Fraudsters Club as in /confraud.htm (the page) either from within or as guided (by the abductors and rapists of Justice) mischief makers / recruits. Such persons come up with all sorts of poor excuses, as to why victims ought not to act as their rights in law provide. (Link).
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QUOTE with a reason: "The age of the secret and stage managed theatrical productions by the Law Enforcement Agencies are OVER."
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1. 'The Sun' Headlines "Justice IS a JOKE" on  7th March 2002 moved us into top gear. Access and  Read our observations. Follow the links for that which they keep from you. Published on 9/03/02 (LINK)
A solicitor deposes recklessly falsehoods. WE challenge-(LINK)

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Some notice and even   speak up, but not loud enough or as often as the occasions command. Just dust in your eyes Mr & Mrs Average
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the Daily Mail
Paul Johnson blames  Labour for the corruption  that has been rampant everywhere for decades  while the papers concern themselves with multiple litter in humans and with a 12 year old boy who impregnated a 14 year old girl. Democracy in modern times, as promoted by the advocates and preachers for Greed & Sycophancy.

Morals And Morality, THE  instructions to Judges in France. Judges in the UK  are free to indulge of their own and to endorse crime
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  Our concerns the   abuse of the Legal Aid Facilities (Link to challenge).
The headlines from 'The Guardian' of 9th July  1999, clear. hofparr.jpg (89547 bytes) Taxpayers foot bill for Lord Hoffman legal games fiasco in the House of Lords, the Pinochet Theatrical Productions.
Headlines from the Daily Mail of 30th July 1998
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the Daily Mail  In 1998 the untouchables were the lawyers. BUT in 1999 the readers of the London Evening Standard were told it was/is corrupt policemen! Who is fooling who? And 2002 the investigator blasts the legal circles - some turn-around! after keeping mum for years
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IMPORTANT Update/ADDENDA: January 2002

  •     The situation in and with our Law Enforcement Agencies has been so for centuries. Refer to William Shakespeare* and to Charles Dickens* and their views. It is likely to be so in perpetuity if 'the wily and crafty victims' of the organised Fraud through the courts carry on endorsing it all as we cover in the exclusive page* and other pages we publish at this website.
  •     Dealing with the issue of 'the real shysters'*, the persons who join the fraudsters' club by choosing to ignore the thousands of victims going through the grinding mills day in, day out, pains us. The personal greed of such persons takes precedent over the suffering of others.
  •     Their silence is sold for thirty pieces of silver and it represents the moral code they adopt on joining 'the fraudsters club; the adopted moral code, precisely that which they set out complaining about by alleging and asserting their readiness to expose it all. Misleading others and securing, under false pretences, support from the persons they target*, they simply act as their mentors, those they set about to complain and expose in the first instance.
  •     We uncover such activities and scenarios in our pages. It is for the visitor and reader of these pages to recognise that GREED rules supreme while mankind is suffering through and because of such an amoral (Link) code*.
  •     All care of the new breed of legal experts the Lord Chancellor was excited about when he appeared before the Home Affairs Select Committee in November 1999.(Link)
1 Link from here to proof that 'the bard' - William Shakespeare- knew of and through the quote we point to, he recognised / related to the fact that the legal circles were as they still are responsible for much.


Link from here to one of the many quotes in Charles Dickens works and we ask readers to consider contacting the victim William Spring, one of the many abusers of the trust the person benefited from. -link to the page- we copied from what was meant to be HIS CONTRIBUTION, through the Community on Line as of 1999 his family that the quote.
3 Link from here to the very words Oliver Cromwell used when he sent packing the deputies of the people.
4 Link from here to the page where we point to the evidence as to HOW & WHY victims of the INSTITUTIONALLY ORGANISED CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD -ongoing through the courts facilities, DO NOT JUST SIMPLY ENDORSE THE CONSPIRATORIAL ELEMENTS OF THE REWARDS FOR SILENCE NATURE. They also embark on a career based on SEEK NEW VICTIMS & GUIDE / USE THEM FOR MORE OF THE SAME CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES intended for additional FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, the sucker-serfs whom the very victims (ex-victims) elect to keep in the dark, just like the Intellectual Prostitutes we have been pointing to as of 1975, have been.
5 Link from here to the page where we point to the fact that one of a number of victims of the abused courts facilities, one Veronica Beryl Foden of Plymouth, secured support from Andrew Yiannides as a convert to and an actively engaged operative in the CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS ONGOING THROUGH THE COURTS. All and everything had been instigated and was promulgated by the legal circles. In the page we point to the evidence that the dreamer RECKLESSLY ENDORSED > BY FAILING TO CHALLENGE & REPORT < arrogant perjury by a solicitor, one Mark Barley, who was acting for the solicitors -on SIF instructions- in defending the solicitors who arranged the constructive frauds INSTIGATED as of the moment the lousy actress and her father relied on the solicitor to arrange for a mortgage facility when 'the caring daughter set out to provide for her ailing father better accommodation.... ONLY TO BE FACED WITH the solicitor's amended 'arrangements for the family, intended to lead to problems care of a used and encouraged members for the intended legal problems... and litigation aplenty >LEGAL COSTS REWARDS to the craft-y who arranged it all. The actress / dreamer FAILED TO RECOGNISE why she was pointed to Andrew Yiannides' indirect hint "THROUGH AN ACT OR AN OMISSION THE COMMISSION OF THE CRIME'.
6 Link from here to the panel where we qualify that DEDICATION of this website to the late Ritou /   Rita Englezakis rests and is founded on the causes and the reasons for the loss of a wonderful person. All because of her father's GREED and blunt indifference to her needs. Sadly the father's GREED was to carry on and his reliance on abusers of public office, from Local Authority staff and officers, through the police, the legal circles and the an abuser of office a Magistrates Courts Clerk one XXXXXX who scrammed (deceased, alleged by the Magistrates Courts) when a process server attended the Magistrates Court to serve the fraud of an alleged officers / servant of the law, the Summons issued consequential to that fraudster's parts in organising and managing FRAUDULENT PROCEEDINGS in the court he was meant to be serving and organising as the rules and THE LAW PROVIDE & STIPULATE. Interestingly, years later the office staff of the very Magistrates Court stated that the fraudster RETIRED, the change of information qualifying that one and all within the Magistrates Court Service co-operate in promoting FALSEHOODS as licensed CRIMINALS; one and all relying on the established practices, recognised and reported ongoing as of the days when the New Testament was compiled in the 4th century.          
7 Link from here to the page where we reproduce the Lord Chancellor's presentation /account of his and the Government's plans for the Legal Services, to the Home Affairs Select Committee, in November 1999, four years after the burning issue of FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM was acknowledged by the Prime Minister in waiting, Tony Blair QC and the Spokes Person for the Opposition, on Legal Affairs, in the House of Commons Paul Boateng responded accordingly to the extensive submissions Andrew Yiannides delivered to the House of Commons as to the Home Secretary and the Lord Chancellor of the day. We point from here to the fact that Lord Irvine was in effect RELYING ON THE TYPE OF SET-UPS flourishing in our allegedly civilised society, one that allegedly rests and is founded on principles of Law & Order. He spoke of enthusiasm all round and most interestingly of the fact that VOLUNTEERS such as the many Andrew Yiannides, encountered in the 25 years long ongoing research warranted as of the days when the media and the government of the day abysmally failed to address THE ISSUE OF THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES ONGOING IN THE ROYAL COURTS OF JUSTICE, such as Andrew experienced and was the victim of CARE OF THE BLUNT AND ARROGANT CONTEMPT FOR THE LAW AND THE EVIDENCE one and all simply elected to bury deep in the dark caves where the fraudsters who misrepresent themselves as the beacons of morality and ethics, congregate in order to congratulate one another and to plan for their next step and goal towards total control and subjugation of 'the sons (no daughters, miraculously) of men' (no women, interestingly) on earth pursuant to the teachings all follow 'by examples stated in the most vile of works ever to have been misrepresented to mankind, 'as of the days when the creators of the alleged one and only' delivered their vile scripts, alleged to be Holy Scriptures, in the 4th century BC, to Ptolemy of Egypt, under specific circumstances.

For further assistance & clarification contact: webmaster

1. Haringey Independent  -   Friday, July 5, 2002
Sex pest jailed after sisters came forward
By Court Reporter
   A CHILD abuser from Tottenham who molested sisters aged two and six was jailed for nine years on Friday.
  Christian Brigitte. 33 began assaulting the youngsters over 15 years ago, just weeks after he arrived in Britain from Mauritius in 1986.
  The abuse only came to light when the younger girl, who is now 17, contacted police in April last year.
  Her sister, who is now 21, also came forward to reveal an horrific catalogue of abuse spanning seven years.
  Brigitte was known to the family and preyed on the first girl when he climbed into her bed at her home in Plaistow, east London.
  As she grew older, the court heard, the paedophile turned his attentions to her younger sister. Prosecutor Jason Dunn-Shaw said when the offences came to light Brigitte staged a suicide attempt and left letters in his car.
  He said: "A few days after his arrest and release Brigitte was seen at Beachy Head.
  "He had taken alcohol and aspirin and had made a serious attempt to take his own life."
  A letter was left for his girlfriend saying he had lied so many times in the past. In it Brigitte said: `I did commit some of the crimes mentioned but didn't rape her, I swear'.
  Another letter was left for the officer leading the investigation.
  But Brigette tried to brazen out his confession when he was put on trial at the Old Bailey, claiming the girls had made up the allegations out of spite.
  He said he was impotent and the victims had either got the idea from a television show or another man was responsible for the abuse.
  Brigitte, of Conmell Road, denied one count of attempted rape, two counts of indecent assault and three counts of indecency with a child. He was cleared of the attempted rape but found guilty of all other charges.
  Judge David Paget, QC, told him "When I remanded you in custody for pre-sentence reports I said that it was a very great pity you could not come to terms with your guilt and have the courage to plead guilty. Had you done this there might have been some sympathy for someone now aged 34 who committed these offences between the ages of 17 and 21. But the fact is you still refuse to accept you committed these offences. The jury had no doubt and the evidence against you in my view was overwhelming. What you did was extremely serious. The effect on both girls you abused has been long lasting I saw their distress when they gave evidence and I have read the impact statements which make sorry reading."
2.  Headlines "MOCKERY OF JUSTICE" in the 'Daily Mail' of Wednesday May 15th 2002 prompted us into action. We contacted reporters and the consultant / managing editorial office by email. We contacted recently the paper because of the other 'pseudo-interest that was presented to the gullible readers' over the issue of "Glorifying Divorce" published on Saturday 30 April, 2002 and the 'Relate' prognosis about the state of marriage, as the organisers of institutionalised crimes created and promote through CIUKU Enterprises. 
3.   Home Secretary and Ministers "... are considering the best way to take forward ... and endorse plans for a national squad to tackle white collar crime.... as a matter of urgency". ('The Observer' 14 April 2002) Page with explicit links, as with 'the sun' justice article of 7th March 2002 (Link), NOW PUBLISHED. Link lines are in place at the bottom of the page for insertion of links to other web-sites/pages/bookmarks. We will gladly insert a link line to your pages if you provide us with the relevant details so long as the material you want us to link to relates to the relevant subject matter of the issues raised through the Press Release article.
4.   The PM declares 'New Global Role for Britain' - 'Daily Express' Saturday January 5, 2002.
5.   Law Society Guilty of 'deceit' and a 'hidden agenda' - 'Sunday Independent' December 30, 2001. 

6.   Victim wrote to Lord Chancellor and challenged blunt malpractice by court staff. An invitation to court under false pretences, obstructions to victim to benefit from assistance by litigation friend. Blunt default by judge to address application by the victim with contempt for the affidavit and supporting evidence. The FACTS & DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE that were lodged at court, and much more were submitted to the European Court of Human Rights. The venue had been moved and there was a change of judge, at the last minute, in order to obstruct witnesses attending the 'venue'. There were failures to acknowledge and or deal with letters attached to and arising out of rights denied and obstructed by persons who misconduct in public office. The victim will be publishing and making public the full content of the letter with all material facts and evidence ready for release to the condescending press barons and for the world at large to marvel at the "force for good" generated from within the power houses in the United Kingdom. Access the victim's Community On Line web-site at: and acquaint yourselves with the full content of the STATED FACTS & PLEADED VIOLATIONS lodged at the ECoHR.

  • 7.    Government Announces Statutory Instrument intended to monitor the conduct of Local Authority Councillors. Victims of the free for all and the distribution of the Housing Benefit funds by and through the corrupt and the corrupted, will be publishing more documented evidence. They will be exposing the activities from within the Local Authorities, from within the local county courts and from within the local police. In the meantime we invite you to access the all new *free for all* page we created around the press release of 30th July 2001.
  • The delay was caused by the fact that we had been pre-occupied with the activities of members of the LIPS crowd who sough to railroad and hijack our work. Persons who were under pressure and we had been assisting to challenge the malpractice in their situations, like Mr Norman Scarth, determined to abduct Andrew's work and use it in an unbefitting manner evincing childish and reckless use of the work of others. Full particulars will be published in due course. In the meantime visit the web-pages that Andrew was creating for Norman at the time.(Link)
  • Then consider what Andrew was caused to abandon as soon as Andrew  recognised that Norman had been engaging with others in undisclosed agendas. Through misrepresentations and theatrical productions he had been securing assistance from and at the expense and waste of the time of Andrew. Norman simply was working with others for other than their joint proclamations and intentions to challenge and expose the practices in the legal and courts services. Particulars will be published in due course.
  • In the meantime visit the all revealing page *2lipstalk.htm* and recognise from the exchanges how the first LIP ('J') set out to generate 'friction between co-operating challengers' (Andrew - Norman - Scriven). Note how the second LIP was guiding his caller to: "Go down 'the income for others' road as I, second." We need only add, at this point in time, that the first one who abandoned a straight appeal and went down the avenue 'his mate' was seconding, contacted Andrew 15 months later. He requested of Andrew an affidavit and was DEMANDING of Andrew to DEFAULT in the Statement from and by Andrew (in other words suppression of material facts and documented evidence) in order to suit the plans of the NEW GURUS who discovered how to draft scenarios for theatrical presentations in the theatres of abducted 'Justice'.

7A. Local Authorities The government announced, in November 2001, the introduction of a new Statutory Instrument: 2001 No. 3575, "The Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) (England) Order 2001. (The Order was made by The Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and the Regions. The order was made on the 5th, laid before Parliament on the 6th and came into force on 27th November 2001). There you have it friends: MINISTERS CAN ACT when and if they want to apply the laws we all know are breached by public servants. At least that is what the presentation through the media barons confirms this simple fact. It is another issue HOW the Police and the Courts CHOOSE to apply and or ignore facts, evidence and 'The LAW'.

8. DENIALS of Rights: ( County Court ) Court Order Issued endorsed with Andrew's name and Andrew was denied a copy by the person he had been assisting for well over a year! One only has to consider that the person was introduced to Andrew by a member of the LIPS crowd/mob. Letters were sent to ALL offenders who indulged in 'undisclosed machinations', and all letters are now being published as PROOF OF THE CONSPIRACIES between the abductors and rapists of Justice (the Goddess) and 'asses who love the carrot dangling at the end of the tunnel'. In the meantime we publish our challenges to an affidavit that a solicitor settled, filed at court and served on the targeted victim that Andrew was assisting for well over a year. Note, please that 'the victim' (introduced by the LIPS crowd/mob - remember) did not give a copy of the affidavit to Andrew. Access the file */chaldep1.htm* and marvel at some of the revelations and the attempts by the fraudsters. Do not fail to consider what actually happened when and after Andrew decided to act, subsequent to the victim asserting that she could not recollect another order. That other, was issued by the court at a time when Andrew saved 'the victim' some £1700 pounds (legal costs script as per application lodged at court by another firm of solicitors). On that occasion Andrew established (in the High Court) that 'the victim's' rights, in law, had been breached and that Justice HAD BEEN & WAS BEING OBSTRUCTED by a firm of solicitors who allegedly had been representing 'the victim'! And the victim who had benefited from such contributions, subsequently indulged herself and was caught in evil attempts by and IN COLLUSION WITH the abductors of Justice; the attempts simply intended to cause damages or to discredit Andrew. Typical examples and by-products of the activities covered in the 'lessons to be learned from examples stated' in the Old Testament. Needless to say 'the victim' did declare herself to be an agnostic and atheist in line with many a LIPS member, all of whom proclaiming "out only for what each could get for him/her self". GREED ruling supreme.

Citizens' Alternative Precedents New Community On Line web-site. Read about a judge of two minds! A split personality or just an abuser of office generating pecuniary advantage through misconduct in public office for the legal circles the judge has affinity to? You read the transcript and of the fact that the judge acknowledged a settlement agreement WAS IMPOSED on the client by the solicitor and of the fact that when it came to issuing an order it was a case, allegedly, of NO UNDUE INFLUENCE by the solicitor on the client. Can the Lord Chancellor and Parliament justify maintaining such persons in judicial office? [*Link to the FACTS STATED & THE PLEADED VIOLATIONS / Legal Arguments as settled and lodged at the European Court of Human Rights, by Mr Andrew Yiannides, the founder of human-rights (NGO). The site was updated in October 2004]. 

The above Community On line member challenged the manipulative within the Civil Appeals Office. The explicit Appeal, we refer you to, arose out of fraudulent Divorce proceedings as published in our pages. Full disclosure, names, dates etc., for and in the Public Interest imminent. European Court Application on substantial grounds for the Community On Line member as in the above paragraph stated. Documented evidence covering 'the imposition of a consent agreement through blackmail, intimidation and threats' published at the above web-site.

Failures to protect the victims of crime, from criminals and from persons who negate in their public duties operating from within the confines of the Metropolitan Police and the courts' services, suggests more than negligence and downright connections with criminals. We have known of such persons who freely assert and boast that the police are in their palms. The combination of defaults and assertions lead any person (with one grain of grey matter in their skull) to surmise that the invisible services section of CIUKU Enterprises is flourishing unhindered; unchecked, as it is, care of the inherent rights, that are built into the appointment of Law Enforcement Agents who are set free to act in contempt of all law confirms the founder's conclusions, in 1972-75 and the words of Charles Louis Montesquieu.

9. FRAUD In The Legal System. The facts of life we cover in our pages were acknowledged by the Rt. Hon. Paul Boateng as long ago as 1995, following succinct submissions by Andrew Yiannides, the founder of *human-rights* to the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, leader of New Labour, a government in waiting. ORGANISED CRIME and family matters fall within the duties of the Home Secretary and the Minister of State. The dishonest and the organised criminals within the legal/judicial/police (TRIAD) have been indulging in gross violations of a number of Articles of the ECoHR in pursuance of their dishonest goals; they did and do so as seasoned licensed criminals. We shall keep you informed because an explicit letter with attachments directed to the Home Office by the Prime Minister was then re-routed and delivered to the beehive of the corrupt and corrupters in our country, to some junior in the Lord Chancellor's department. UPDATE: 2002 we reported to the government the parts of a stooge who came along to abuse and waste Andrew's time as 'an alleged victim of the abused courts' facilities'. (*Link) UPDATE: 2003 we wrote an explicit letter to the Rt. Hon. Frank Field MP, ex Minister wherein we pointed out to the usual: "Shove it the trash can and ignore 'the serf, 'the shitizen', practices by public servants, Ministry staff and officials. In the very letter we pointed to evidence NO ONE COULD IGNORE because it was and it is published in the public domain, ON THE INTERNET. The Prime Minister acted and the overlord of the TRIAD (*Link to clarification) was replaced with a Minister FOR CONSTITUTIONAL AFFAIRS who also doubles as the Justice Minister / Lord Chancellor. As soon as the letter was delivered to the MP the Home Secretary, the Rt. Hon. David Blunkett expressed his views in an explicit article that was published in the London Evening Standard. As an elected MP he was emphatic and very clear on the issues we have been pointing to for years. Abuse of the legal system and the courts, by the judges and the circles from within which the judges are 'selected through secret arrangements', between the criminals who are in control of the justice system and the courts' was the core element of our submissions to the MP (*Link).    

Sir John Stephens QPM. is called to note and state if it be the intention of his office to prosecute cases where the evidence is CRYSTAL CLEAR AND FULLY DOCUMENTED. Over to you, your Lordship and Sir John Stephens. We await your invitation to SEEK AFRESH FULL PARTICULARS through this world forum. The age of the secret and staged managed theatrical productions by the Law Enforcement Agency's IS OVER.

G. H. Scriven.  After the theatrical production at the Royal Courts of Justice in February 2000 we recognised that there was no possibility of his case and situation going back on keel. He had been dragged before the court for allegedly scandalising the judges and for allegedly being in contempt of a consent Order to which he had been blackmailed to submit. Following the imposed submission to pressures from the bench, who thus secured 'an allegedly legitimate consent order' an Early Day Motion was instigated by Members of the House of Commons. That E.D.M NEVER LED TO ANYTHING. Read the four quotes in our HomePage and recognise the scenario. Then read the extract from a letter by a solicitor to client (March 2003 *Link) and access ALL of the material in the left margin / window especially the images of article and letters published in the page you can link to from here).

Mr Scriven was appearing before the court to answer allegations founded on archaic law 'for scandalising the judges'. The newspaper reports, for weeks leading to that date in court clear as to the issues. In court Mr Scriven was faced with a Section 42 application, by the Attorney General! Mr Scriven had been provided with plenty of ammunition, by a team who worked hard to put together a binder full of newspaper reports and other documented evidence against a regular abuser of the courts' facilities. None of the evidence prepared was used at court and no reference was made to the situations covered in the mass of evidence. We shall be publishing evidence in due course covering the aforementioned FACTS. [*Link to submissions to an affiliate / associate of Mr G. H. Scriven, Mr Norman Scarth    

Home Office. Sir John Stephen QPM. and the Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, our Home Secretary  are called upon to justify the vile activities of the police officers we shall name to them.  BOTH are hereby challenged to access the Summons we publish in our pages and both must apply their knowledge of 'The LAW' to the pleaded facts. They must JUSTIFY, if at all possible, the multitude of defaults and the activities of police officers AT ALL MATERIAL TIMES without loosing sight of the fact that cruelty and greed led to a loss of life, Andrew's niece. They must JUSTIFY THE SOCIETY THEIR SUBORDINATES ARE CREATING through misconduct in public office resting, founded and thriving on corrupt practices, not mere misfeasance as in the  R-v-Dytham case.  THIS IS THE AGE OF FREEDOM OF INFORMATION and 'The LAW' is 'The LAW'.   IGNORE IT NOT please.......

Magistrates Courts: Consider the Summons published by a targeted victim of the Housing Benefit constructive frauds enterprises, always instigated by Local Authority staff and officers. Consider also the affidavit published in the Local Authority pages covering attempts by solicitors to convert UNPAID Housing Benefit funds to alleged legal costs care of organised deceptions and false instruments as arranged by the dishonest from within Haringey Council. Needless to say Legal Aid certificates were also freely available to be used as 'loans' for theft facilities. The exhibit attached to the affidavit the link takes you to suffices. The Letter from the Legal Aid Board clear - the targeted landlady was no fool and she was prepared to challenge the abusers of the county court and Legal Aid Board free for all facilities to the legal circles - solicitors and barristers. Evidence will be published by the targeted victim at her web-site covering the background to the criminal indulgences that Local Authority staff engaged in through reliance that police and local county court judges would be ignoring it all.

MEDIA.   Time for our Ministers to tell the truth proclaimed the editorial on 6th November 1998 in the Daily Mail, the banner bearer for the much tested Lawrence family. We made submissions to the editor over a long period and we merited no response, ever.  We repeated ourselves on the very day that Paul Johnson was declaring 'Corrupt Britain' and went on to assert that Labour was ..... The fact is that Labour has at least been acting as promised before they won a landslide victory and formed a new government of vision and conscious. The next test is to ensure the resolve, stated in 1995, is not hindered and that the government does not waver. The media barons and their editors must play their part in the creation of a truly informed electorate. Time for changes and true democracy.

Norman Scarth (name links to original pages) Received a six year prison sentence, last year. We keep hearing on the grapevine that he was/is due to make an appearance in court for an appeal. However, we have had no confirmation from any source on the issue. He set up his own domain in June 2000 and he even wrote to a prisoner of the value of the Internet as the vehicle through which to impart information to the average citizen, those that he himself had determined should remain in the dark - as his own defaults to publish anything established because of his other interests. He never did anything towards that goal for almost a year! We were called upon to witness the last week of the trial last April (2001). We observed enough theatre and noted many a default. We undertook to assist in the creation and the publication of a web-site through which to state the facts of the case against him and the trial after the judge failed to cause to be produced to the jury any of the facsimile transmissions (FAX) that Mr Scarth had been caused to sent to one and all after the assault he was subjected to, by the police, in August 1999. Copy of a Fax and copy of a letter we sent to the editor of the Daily Express (among others) at the time (20th September 1999) we published in the web-site that was set-up to deal with the facts of his case. We were caused to abandon work on the site because Mr Scarth failed to adhere to his agreement with us. We were denied access to the transcripts of the trial as his colleagues in Bradford arranged, in breach of the existing agreement.

OBSTRUCTIONS to Rights In Law. Sites to visit: (1* CoA staff)

POLICE TRUE TO FORM the police systematically fail to prosecute criminals ( Link 1 ) who indulge at the expense of 'targeted' third parties ( Link 2 ). The police intentionally default to act within the remit of their retainers and with intent promote falsehoods in order to further damage the victims they target on orders ( Link 3 ). The endorsement of blatant acts of theft of properties and rights in law (through false instruments ( Link 4 ) generated by public servants ( Link 5 ) ). AND THE CONTINUE TO DEFAULT irrespective of the fact that CRIME IS NOT STATUTE BARRED. In the society they have been been let loose to create unhindered and unchallenged blunt promotion and endorsement of crime.  Breaches of the Criminal Justice Act 1988  IS THEIR GAME. Through their inhuman and SADISTIC activities the TRIAD rules supreme care of other public servants. We point out to the relevant provisions covering Torment and Torture to which the Lawrence Family have been subjected by the very same circles and criminals. The succinct provisions of the aforesaid Act of Parliament qualifies and justifies our stance.

Police Complaints Authority  the capabilities of persons appointed to serve the public will  be challenged in due course. They are of opinion that they can advance any RECKLESS presentation from the police, the corrupters of our society, as an alleged investigation proper, typified in the page / file we link you to ( Link ). The police default in the execution of their public duties, WITH INTENT, and the police subsequently, block investigations with the blessings of the PCA.

The chairman of the PCA is called upon to download 'The Breeding Grounds - case' and 'The Police Summons the Victim'. We look to the PCA to come forward with some logical explanation as to the practices of the public servants the cases cover. The FAILURES OF THE PCA to act in cases that were referred to the PCA, as we publish in our pages ARE MORE THAN SUSPECT. Just another dud-front blowing dust in the eyes of the victims of rampant institutionalised crime. The part of the police and the PCA in the break up of families WITH INTENT, will be made public in due course. For the time being we refer you to the facts we publish arising out of THE POLICE FALSIFY THEIR RECORDS AND USE FORGERIES WITH INTENT. ( Link 1 ) ( Link 2 ) ( Link 3 )

The PCA failed and fails to produce to the victims, copy of the report by the 'amenable cover-up agent'  who took over from Chief Inspector L P Harris. Any report allegedly presented to the Authority by the amenable 'cover-up agent'. We wish to publish it if it exists, pursuant to Our Aims; it has not been forthcoming. The PCA Chairman was asked to cease advancing unjustified and inexcusable rulings by allegedly 'impartial judicial chair occupants' who act  as Godfathers for all criminals in the public services.

WE made it clear to the chairman of the PCA and we emphasise through these pages that WE ARE NOT AT WAR. National security is not at risk BUT NATIONAL DISGRACE ISAbandon the vile 'justifications of old'. Do justice to Parliament and to 'The LAW'. The world at large awaits your responses and honourable actions.  Cease all evasive tactics. ACT RESPONSIBLY and within 'The LAW'.  Abandon the production and dissemination of ALL FALSE INSTRUMENTS lacking accountability by the authors.

'The LAW' is 'The LAW'. NO DISCRIMINATION ON ANY GROUNDS as provided for under article 14 of the ECoHR. Yet those events somehow indicated the preferential treatment afforded to persons who generate income for the legal circles, albeit even illegally and quite often with criminal intent. THE FORGERIES and FALSE INSTRUMENTS (court orders lacking accountability by the authors) used in the promotion of the constructive frauds on targeted citizens as with private landlords in the Housing Benefit misappropriation and thefts, free for all, scandal.

The Issues
1. Fraud Vitiates Judgements. So it should be. We ask the criminals in control: "Why should any dishonestly secured OR perversely entered judgement benefit criminals no matter who? Silence! [*Link from here to House of Lords judgement in 1940]
2. Misconduct In Public Office Police officer Guilty For Negating In His Public Duties-Common Law [*Link from here to the CoA Ruling]
3. Stephen Lawrence Access & Read the Law that was ignored)
4. Divorce Industry- Legal Eagles Create Fraudulent costs  - a book & pages
5. Torment and Torture  Law Parliament Enacted To Be Ignored Ever Since By The Police & The Crown Prosecution Service
6. Greed The motivating engine behind every act of The Rapists Of Justice.
8. Housing Benefit Fraud All Through Agents For Thefts Of Other Peoples Money.
9. Justice Blind, Deaf & Dumb Arranged By Her Abductors And Rapists.
10. N Scarth h-p The early Days Before Greed Took Over & He Was Drawn Into The Nets Of The Abductors & Rapists of Justice.
11. Geoffrey Scriven h-p Early Days When there was Concern For Other Victims & Co-operation In Challenging Violations By The TRIAD.
12.The Media Conspiracy To Impose Dictatorships Under Guise In Alleged Democracies by Dictator-Leader-Rulers.
13. UN Scorn UK's Bad Record - Headline News. Yet Citizens Are Lulled Into A Make Believe State by the media.
14. Fraudulent Conversions of assets through the courts. Plenty of false instruments, dishonesty, deceit and more fraudulent misrepresentations
15. Judges Independent (of the law?) At least that is how the Lord Chancellor's office seeks to present to Mr & Mrs Average day in day out.
16. Fraudulent GAINS made void. BUT it applies to mortals only. The legal circles are above the law, exempt from such principles. Link to an explicit Community On Line Web-site. A  judge cannot tell the difference between the words:  IMPOSED' and 'No Undue Influence'!
17. FORGERIES Used For Thefts By Local Authority staff and officers who handle, as Benefits Agencies Social Security funds - the rents owed to the owners of properties rented to assisted persons.
18. Police USE Forgeries to cover up their own breaches of public duty and more!
19. Recordings On Demand Because the citizens do not like being held to ransom or having  to pay exorbitant charges for edited and or tampered with records of what takes place in the theatres of abducted Justice.
20. Deaths In Police Custody (Human Life Is Dispensable. Animals Are Definitely Cared For & Their Rights Are Surely Protected in the UK). The USA too?
21. PRECEDENT - Cases
22.  Is a judge who can't tell the difference between the words 'IMPOSED' and 'No Undue Influence', a split personality, doctor?



Link to:    Lord Chancellor  Home Office   Police   Housing Benefit Scams/Fraud
Link to:    Treatment by the Media  The Breeding Grounds - case 
Link to:    NEWSFLASH    Scarth H-P    Scriven H-P  





Footnote eXtra: In October 2010, the coalition's Attorney General, in an interview published by 'COUNSEL' specifically spoke of the police distancing themselves from cases of (small-fry) fraud and asserted that he was making that element his department's priority. IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN, WHAT the coalition of the Con-LibDems, THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY, WILL IN FACT ATTEND TO THE RAMPANT FRAUD. IF IT WILL DEAL APPROPRIATELY with the criminals who abuse public office, especially when faced with appropriate submissions and claims that will be delivered in due course. Visitors/readers are urged to read the article published in the London Evening Standard, as settled by the Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, Home Secretary in 2003 [*Link from here to the article we reproduce in another webpage and consider "Why tolerate the arrogance of the legal circles who had and have the audacity to assert to the lawmakers that the lawmakers have nothing to do with the law"]. While there, above it, the explicit letter to ex-Minister, the Rt. Hon. Frank Field MP, delivered a few days earlier. ALL alleged victim-challengers who contacted Andrew Yiannides, by the time the letter was sent to the Minister, received copy of the letter just as they received copies of other letters submitted to government maintained Ministers and other official appointees to public office. Accessing the material pointed to from the letter (URLs) is of utmost importance. It should assist 'recognition of the citizen's rights at work', when called upon properly in truly democratic states. The above in 2003; there were other 'submissions' and among such civilised and, within the law, approaches by citizens that led to the right actions by governments, the explicit challenges when we set about exposing one of the most evil of alleged victims of the legal circles to have ever contacted us [*Link to our explicit submissions to (a)  the Prime Minister, (b) the Chancellor / Treasury, (c) the Home Secretary. WE acted so after we had secured more than enough evidence about the parts of an alleged victim whose only interests were (i) the rewards under the table FOR KEEPING QUIET about the ORGANISED FRAUD THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES and (ii) her parts in blunt attempts that were intended to discredit the person she was sent along to mess about with, Mr Andrew Yiannides]. Access please the letter to the Home Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Jack Straw, in December 1998 [*Link* [*L] from here to the letter] and note the results evinced in the newspaper article (Hornsey Journal) also within days of the letter reaching its destination. Many the charlatans and stooges -lovers and 'promoters of the system as is'- on the job for decades; one and all acting as sold souls always do [*Link [*L] from here to the evidence we point to relative to the parts of one of a number of sold to the system fraudsters who were sent along / introduced to Andrew Yiannides by the managers / organisers of the LIPS crowd / mob].
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