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SIX months before taking her own life that fine young lady proclaimed to our founder :-
"I can't understand it uncle everyone thinks of bricks mortar and money NO ONE CARES ABOUT PEOPLE".

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The Police Complaints Authority

The Authority relies and depends on investigations by a police officer,  from within another police area in order to 'eliminate possible favouritism and or bias'.  IT IS MEANT to oversee and ensure that the work of the investigating officer is indeed not tainted.  We all know what happened in the long drawn out Stephen Lawrence family*, saga and how the police eventually admitted....  Read "The Breeding Grounds - case"*, recognise the institutionalised violations of rights for selected sections and or individual citizens.

We publish below copy of a letter from an officer who was called upon to investigate FORGERIES by the police (false AND subsequently amended records by the police). He was removed from the case the moment he committed himself to a full investigation. Nothing unusual; reminiscent of the removal of  Chief Inspector John Stalker  from.....   because HE INTENDED TO DEAL with the serious issues he had been appointed to investigate. THE PUBLIC then and always, is meant to accept theatrical scripts later by 'an amenable to the wrongs' investigating officer...' ACTORS / script writers.  It shall be for the public at large to determine what goes on and WHY the waste of public funds simply to cover up, to perpetuate and to PROMOTE the 'self appointed right' of public servants to ACT OUTSIDE of and to  IGNORE  'THE LAW.*  Activities endorsed, acquiesced and COVERED UP through defaults and theatrical productions for the gullible are unhealthy signs for any society.

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  • Chief Inspector Harris, the author of this letter,  was never heard of again.He was conveniently dispatched off the case.
  • Some unknown and never seen or heard of police officer is presumed to have submitted some kind of report to the Police Complaints Authority,  that possibly shoved it in the family closet.
  • Nothing unusual.
  • So long as the fraternity are absolved and the P.C.A keeps it under wraps who cares about the citizens the police are meant to SERVE and protect?

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The above complaint arose because:-  A young boy had his brand new mountain bicycle taken from him at knife point; the police failed to follow up with any investigation because they had other priorities and PLANS on their agenda for the father of the boy.   Never mind the trauma; as long as the ULTERIOR MOTIVES OF THE POLICE themselves were to be satisfied it mattered not who was used; who was sacrificed and who paid. Suffer little boy for thy father has offended us by challenging our crimes against humanity. You and the rest of your family are, after all, another bunch of foreigners. It matters not if you were born in the United Kingdom or if your father entered the United Kingdom over 40 years ago, as a British Subject to our corrupted practices and our personal whims, as your masters.

THE Violent Crime took place on the very day the police were hoping to have the father evicted from his residence, presumably intending to use the bicycle investigation as an excuse to gain access to the father's papers and or other documents they planned to get their hands on. The police arrested and held overnight the father as their 'guest' in a local police cell; an inexcusable and unjustified arrest CARE OF THE EVER CONNIVING criminals in the ranks of the Metropolitan police. THAT overnight stay the police attempted to use FOR an 'accident' in the STEVE BIKO mould; they FAILED to incite the father, their intended victim on the occasion. The bicycle theft, the 'convenient' event, naturally merited no investigation later because they did not succeed with their plan for the father, while their guest. The father was not evicted and or thrown out of the house because he was not game anddid not accept assistance from their mates serving as duty 'solicitors' at the 'relevant court'. The targeted victim of their plans acted in person and their plan failed. So, the police showed no more interest in the violent bicycle theft as they would have to deal with the father of the victim of a violent crime and not the vehicle they used inorder to create the premeditated as organised arrest through a scenario that many fell victim to in CIUKU.

The young boy was just incidental; his loss and trauma WAS of no concern to the police; the father was not out of the way; the 'incident' of the bicycle theft therefore was immaterial and irrelevant to the Metropolitan Police; the boy was just a stepping stone as was the bicycle theft, persons and events  to be used for their very own criminal ends. The parents of  Stephen Lawrence* were also treated as irrelevant 'persons' for years; the metropolitan police had other priorities and they were busy attending to other services........

Since NOVEMBER 1997, police officers at the very same police station have been involved in new violations of human rights; the most vile of all arising and resting on Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. They acted and have been acting in breach of national Law, in GROSS DERELICTION OF PUBLIC DUTY and office while in pursuance of their own goals at the expense of their targeted victim in furtherance of their own self preservation practices. Through defaults they DID promote and encourage under age sex between a young girl (the daughter of their targeted victim, for that occasion) and THEY ignored assaults on the father and criminal damages by the owner (as the police AND SOCIAL WORKERS promoted an unemployed man who took possession of the under age girl) of the daughter of their targeted victim. Used and co-operating with the police was the Eve who gave birth to the girl, as the protagonist and organiser of it all since the police took the Eve and 'her family' under ther wings. And their partners in family destructions, persons in the Local Social Sevices, playing their usual part; smashing windows within the area where they mantain the only glazier's business license. 

The young man assaulted the father of the under age girl, caused criminal damages to a vehicle AND THEN TOOK the under age girl away to his den*, apparently/allegedly without the consent of her mother too!!!!. The mother after alleging violence towards her person, by the possessor of the young girl, however (because of alleged fears) refused to furnish evidence and or information to the father in respect of the assaults and the other criminal activities the unemployed man she alleged, he had indulged in at her expense too. And the used Eve, adamantly refused to co-operate with the father as an ardent follower of the evilmongering activities by public servants engaged in the break up and destruction of society while serving the aims of the TRIAD in operation within the United Kingdom. 

In the meantime THE POLICE, themselves, ALSO ASSAULTED the father of the girl, in the police station where EVENTUALLY they invited him to attend in order for them to take his statement in respect of the assault and the criminal damages the abductor of the under age girl HAD INDULGED IN.  Thereafter the police, failed declined, defaulted and REFUSED to take any action against the UNEMPLOYED violent abductor who took the under age girl to live with him at his divorced mother's flat; apparently WITH HIS MOTHER'S CONSENT too.

ALL OF THE ABOVE, naturally, with the blessings of the Local Authority and its manipulative, dishonest and criminally motivated Social Workers; the creators and promoters of the WORST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD IN TEENAGE SEX AND MOTHERHOOD.  All encouraging and promoting under age sex and an IMMORAL relationship (just busy promoting and 'tending the needs of the animal (sex) in the under-age members of the human species, for the drug barons to profit (through sale of pills).  In the process CREATING also the users of the TRIAD partners' services and adding new consumers of the industries and the professions they represent best, DRUGS !   

The above issues and activities at and by the very police station who DID FORGE THEIR RECORDS in respect of the violent bicycle theft (letter above). The police in the meantime hiding under the skirts of a  female SOCIAL WORKER who promoted the under age sex, and at crucial times conveniently was unavailable because of alleged ill health, leave of absence overeas, etc., etc. The usual manifestations so common in te legal circles too; solicitors never around after they indulge and or are challenged for their parts in questionable activities.

ONE AND ALL IGNORE(D) AND BREACH(ED) NATIONAL LAW and the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights whereby the state and its agents are meant to act under laws that:- 

1.   "Prevent disorder or CRIME..." (not promote through defaults nor seek to generate, in any way).

2.   "Protect health and or MORALS,..... (one wonders what happened to such values)

3.    "Protect the REPUTATION OR RIGHTS OF OTHERS (such as their combined intended victim - the father)

We refer one and all to Article 10, paragraph 2 of the ECoHR.  But one forgets very easily, however, that one cannot really expect adherence to ANY law from within the country that is the Second Worst Offender of human rights violations, in Europe; especially when its judges are free to indulge as they please and OUTSIDE the Laws that they are meant to uphold AND SERVE. 

Relying and using Social Workers (who excell at wrecking other peoples' homes and families), IS THE MODUS OPERANDI within the United Kingdom. IT AFFORDS EVERYONE THE GROUNDS AND THE EXCUSES UPON WHICH TO JUSTIFY THE NEED FOR THEIR VERY OWN EXISTENCE and their alleged well intended services.  As Frank Schaeffer puts it in his work "Dancing Alone" the Social Workers simply act AS THE ONLY GLAZIERS IN TOWN GOING AROUND SMASHING WINDOWS. Thus they ENSURE their services are assured through their very own CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, with the blessing of the police and the 'independent judiciary who systematically ignore ALL LAW APPLICABLE. Nice arrangements between THE public services AS maintained by successive United Kingdom Governments.

THE Metropolitan Police was allegedly the best in the world! Nothing but self promotion from within, through suppression of the facts of life that the media organise* as 'the sleeping'(and unconscious to the realities)  partners in the creation of the society of their choice. The Stephen Lawrence* saga exposed the Metropolitan Police force for WHAT it really IS. WORSE it exposed INSTITUTIONALISED ORGANISED CRIME* against humans; refer to "The Breeding Grounds - case"*.

In the United Kingdom cruelty to animals is not tolerated and prosecuted.  CRUELTY TO HUMANS, however, IS  PROMOTED and encouraged, if not directly, THROUGH DEFAULTS, by PUBLIC SERVICES and Public Authorities as our pages establish.  No one acts to prevent such WRONGS.  Refer to The Criminal Justice Act 1988*, the relevant sections we publish on this web-site. and to the the relevant ECoHR articles* we also publish on our web pages should clarify the issues.

THE Police Complaint Authority were meant to be dealing with the brilliant scenarios by and from the Metropolitan Police; the issues that arose out of the under age sex that public servants promoted, the abduction of the minor and the violence and the crimes by the abductor of the under age girl. The police and the Police Complaints Authority treatin matters in their well established manners and fashion and that the Strephen Lawrence Inquiry brought to the surface for other purposes than the real causes of the organised defaults in that offending and vile scenario and scripts by the main actors, the police.  The P.C.A asserting and alleging they were searching for the papers and the file covering the FORGERY and the investigation (by the despatched officer - refer to the letter we publish above) and waiting for an alleged report by an officer from within the offending police area! THE FORGERIES INVESTIGATION THAT NEVER WAS  and lead nowhere is indicative of the moduc operandi at the expense of targeted victims.


The British public knows it.  It is only the quangos and the public servants who pretend not to know what the left arm has been and is doing while their right arms ARE STABBING CITIZENS IN THE BACK through the TRIAD arrangements.

IT IS FOR THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, AT LARGE, TO DRAW THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS.  AS AN UNBIASED JURY we call upon one and all to consider why the United Kingdom is the 2nd worst offender on human rights violations in Europe. It actually held the laurels for years, as the worst; the latest fad is paedophilia and under age sex*.  Both are more 'exciting and of interest' to the quangos...... and naturally their friends within the media.  However, in a recent criminal prosecution the architects of the society the TRIAD in operation within the United Kingdom has given us a perfect example of how to challenge their own deaults, omisions and OBSTINATE VIOLATIONS of Human Rights with arrogant and conemptuous, of all Law, intent.

The Stephen Lawrence saga WAS a start. IT exposed and brought out into the open many an aspect for consideration by our present government.  Pre-meditated activities are issues the authorities HAVE TO CONSIDER now that an investigation into bribes in high places has been announced. We publish proof that WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS were made to The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry by The CAMILA Project*; the submissions, naturally, cover the facts of life our Law Enforcement Agencies excel at, the institutionalised CRIME and violations of human rights as depicted in "The Breeding Grounds - case"*.

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